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Ukrainian version


1. In the English-language section of the encyclopaedia, Ukrainian geographical and other non-descriptive proper names, with the exception of personal names, are generally given in transliteration from the Cyrillic into the Roman script, using the official Ukrainian transliteration table (e.g. Харків – Kharkiv, Товариство «Обнова» – Obnova Society, «Наш Клич» – Nash Klych).

2. Personal names are given in accordance with their customary Roman-script spelling, where known, which may be based on transliteration into a Roman-script language other than English. Where such customary spellings are not known, personal names are also transliterated using the official Ukrainian transliteration table.

3. Ukrainian descriptive proper names are translated into English (e.g. Союз Українців у Великій Британії – Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain).

4. The terms 'oblast' and 'raion', which occur in some articles, refer to administrative territories in Ukraine and can be approximately translated as 'region' and 'district', respectively.

5. Explanations of various terms pertaining to Ukrainian history are provided by means of links to the Historical Glossary, which itself contains links to relevant articles, mainly in the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

6. The bibliography at the end of an article, if present, includes only printed works which expand on the subject of the article or parts of it.

7. Some pages contain brief details about organisations, periodicals etc, about which full articles have not yet been written.