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Ukrainian version

Ukrainian Bulletin – an English-language bulletin published in London from 1939 to 1941 by the Ukrainian National Information Service (UNIS).

The Bulletin was edited by Stephen Davidovich, director of the UNIS. In the first issue it was stated that “UNIS will strive to give accurate and objective information concerning Ukraine for the sake of a clear and, it is hoped, sympathetic understanding on the part of the British people towards the just aspirations of the Ukrainian nation”. Topics covered in the Bulletin included the situation in Soviet Ukraine and the Ukrainian lands under Poland at the time, Western policy towards Ukraine, the Ukrainian communities in Canada and the USA, and various aspects of Ukrainian history.

The first and final issues of the Bulletin were dated 17 May 1939 and April 1941 respectively. A total of 18 issues were published: four in 1939, eleven in 1940 and three in 1941. A complete set of issues is held in the British Library.