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Ukrainian version

The Ukraine – a weekly bulletin of the diplomatic mission of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UNR) in London.

The bulletin was published by the Ukrainian Press Bureau in London, based at 38 Cursitor Street, London EC4. A total of 35 issues of the bulletin were published, from 5 July 1919 to 28 February 1920. As stated in the first issue, the object of the publication was to provide the British public with reliable information concerning Ukraine. It covered topics including current events in Ukraine, activities of the UNR government, its delegation at the 1919-1920 Paris Peace Conference and its diplomatic missions in various countries, as well as opportunities for trade with Ukraine. In issue no. 32 of 7 February 1920 it was announced that publication of the bulletin was to cease (this was probably due to lack of funding).

A complete set of issues of The Ukraine is held in the British Library (London).