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Ukrainian version

London Office of the Ukrainian National Council Executive Committee [Представництво Виконного Органу Української Національної Ради у Великій Британії] – a body which represented, in Great Britain, the interests of the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian National Council (UNC). Established at the beginning of 1949, it continued to function until the dissolution of the UNC in 1992.

Ukrainian National Council

Established in 1948, the UNC was a quasi-parliamentary body of the government in exile of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UNR). Together with its Executive Committee, the UNC represented a continuation of the pre-war UNR government in exile. It brought together representatives of the majority of Ukrainian émigré political parties. The Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (Banderivtsi) initially joined the Council but seceded from it in 1950. The Union of Hetmanites-Statists declined to join. The UNC was dissolved in 1992 after Ukraine became independent.