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Ukrainian version

Diplomatic mission of the ZUNR – a delegation of the government in exile of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic (ZUNR), active in London in 1920-23.

From the autumn of 1920 the newly established mission was headed by Stepan Tomashivsky, the acting head of the ZUNR delegation at the Paris Peace Conference. From February 1921 the mission was led by Stepan Vytvytsky. Its secretary was Ivan Petrushevich. For a short time Myroslav Simenovych-Siemens was a member of the mission. The mission’s task was to lobby for recognition of the independence of the ZUNR on the territory of Eastern Galicia (the eastern part of the Austrian crown land of Galicia, populated largely by Ukrainians). Its work consisted primarily of submitting communications to the UK government, holding discussions with leading political figures and providing information to the press. The mission ceased to exist after the ZUNR government in exile dissolved itself after the March 1923 decision of the Conference of Ambassadors that Eastern Galicia should be incorporated into Poland.



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